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Hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants that cater to tourists usually have Western-style toilets, at least in bigger towns. Plumbing can be an issue, so if there is a garbage can in the cubicle use it for toilet paper and save your host from dealing with any blockages. In bus and train stations, on trains themselves, and in restaurants in the countryside, you will occasionally find that squat toilets are your only option. Most of these do not flush; use the plastic ladle to splash water around and keep a stash of toilet paper handy. Many public toilets charge a 2,000d entry fee, which entitles you to a scrap of toilet paper, usually kept in a basket near the front door. Unless you are really desperate, avoid the public toilets in parks and on street corners. In remote areas the "bathroom" may actually be a small room with a sloped cement floor or a rickety platform perched over a pond.


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