Prague Weather

Winters here can be bone-chillingly cold, with days that are overcast and dark (the sun tends to set by 5 pm). Maximum average temperatures in December and January are in the mid-30s F, and the mercury frequently drops to the low 20s F. Things improve substantially in spring and summer. By July you can expect around 10 hours of sunshine per day. Showers, moreover, are infrequent and usually light and short. Temperatures hover in the mid-70s F, although summer heat waves seem to be increasingly common. Fall brings comfortably cool temperatures, as well as a riotous display of autumn foliage in parts of the city and countryside.

The words we use to designate different months are derived from Latin names and numbers. Czechs, on the other hand, use native words for climate-related events to reflect the importance of the four seasons. For instance, únor (our February) means "melting ice," and listopad (our November) means "falling leaves."


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