If You Cant Leave the United States in 2021, Visit These Cities Instead

Wouldn’t it be great if we could snap our fingers and find ourselves on a Mediterranean beach? Or at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or feeding giraffes in South Africa?

Despite several coronavirus vaccines, we still don’t know if any of those trips we all want will be possible in 2021. But just because international travel is at a momentary standstill doesn’t mean you can’t plan an amazing vacation. We’ve rounded up a list of destinations that are must-worthy in their own right. If you can’t make it to your dream destination in 2021, don’t settle—try heading to one of these cities instead.

10 Places We All Miss Right Now

Whether you’ve canceled trips to Tahiti or Texas, odds are, you’re also longing for places a little closer to home.

As the coronavirus pandemic shutters public activities and limits communal spaces, there are places we all miss—places we used to gather with friends or complete strangers to live life together. Many of these are “third places”: social environments that are not your home (first place) or work (second place) and strengthen our sense of community, identity, and relation to others. Let’s reminisce about 10 places we all miss right now.

This State Has a Lot of Oddly Specific Museums

Wisconsinites, it seems, are particularly good at taking a hobby and elevating it to unheard-of levels.

When you think about something Wisconsin has in abundance, you likely think about cheese, beer, cranberries, and residents with a penchant for donning green-and-gold on Sunday. What you might not think about, however, is the prolific number of hyper-specific museums. Sprinkled through the state are oodles of eclectic museums that focus on one theme (like mustard, clowns, and yo-yos) and build showrooms that explore every conceivable facet of that topic. Here are just a handful that we find particularly fun.

The Best At-Home Workouts for Every Budget

No gym, no problem!

With winter upon us and COVID no better, it’s time to reconsider (again) how we work out. While running and yoga in the park got us through the summer, winter is a different beast to tackle. No longer can we do our 5k training outdoors nor can we meet in parking lots for a quick bootcamp workout from our favorite instructor. With many gyms closed and the outdoors far from hospitable, we’re forced to get our quick calorie burns in at home—but at-home workouts don’t have to be drab. In fact, you might find your makeshift home gym is your preferred way to sweat. To help you make the transition from outdoor group fitness classes to apartment-friendly burnouts, we’re rounding up the best at-home workouts available online at every price point. Grab your yoga mat and queue up your power jams, we’re turning our living room into our dream studio.