How 10 Different Places Do Hot Chocolate

Send your chocolate cravings on a trip around the world.

Is there a better feeling than wrapping yourself up in a cardigan and sipping a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly evening? But before you reach for that packet of Swiss Miss, why not kick things up a notch and take yourself on a chocolatey tour around the world? These 10 ways to do hot chocolate will be a trip for your taste buds and a fun way to discover a new place without having to walk away from your own stovetop.

A Gift Idea for Every Type of Traveler This Holiday Season

From the grandma that misses Disney to the dad who just bought a caravan.

The holiday season is here, but we know you probably have other things on your mind. While you might usually put serious time and thought into picking out the perfect gifts for your loved ones, this year is just different—I mean, what do you buy for relatives when there’s nowhere to go and no shops to browse for inspiration? To help you along the way, we found the perfect gift for every type of traveler in your life. And, don’t worry, you can take all the credit for it.

How to Support Your Favorite Museums This Holiday Season

TLDR: Shopping!

We’re all looking for the perfect thing to gift loved ones this holiday season, so why not look toward the places they consider a second home? For friends and relatives who’ve had to put a pause on their favorite weekend activity, whether that be exploring ancient art in their city’s best gallery or blasting off into space at the planetarium, we found ways to hold them over—and help out their favorite place! This holiday season, feel free to kill two birds with one stone with a quick trip down museum gift-shop lane and on toward membership registration. You’ll get a gift your loved ones will cherish, and you’ll be actively ensuring that museum is there for them to keep enjoying post-pandemic—do good and gift good.

12 Quirky Winter Traditions From Around the Globe

'Tis the season for "babies napping outside!"

With the long nights of winter approaching, a little inspiration can go a long way toward brightening our days. Thankfully, countries across the globe have come up with plenty of fun, intriguing, and unique ways of celebrating the season’s dog days that are not only inspiring, but also downright delightful. Many of them are centuries-old festivities while others are relatively new, yet all of them provide a bit of possibility and, at times, a touch of laughter in a year where those things are exceedingly hard to come by. From Lithuania to Taiwan, don’t miss these 12 favorite, quirky winter traditions.

13 Items From Hotel Gift Shops That Make Great Holiday Gifts

They don’t call it a gift shop for nothing.

The best hotels have you feeling like you’d rather stay on the property than go out and explore your destination. And since we haven’t been able to go out and travel this year, why not give the gift that lets the recipient have a little bit of the hotel experience at home. From novelty pillows to luxe dog beds, here are some unique gifts for the hotel aficionado on your shopping list.

The 2020 Campers Gift Guide

How to shop for your favorite trekker this holiday season.

Coronavirus may have put a pause on international travel for 2020, but, for travelers still desperate to explore the outdoors, there was newfound comfort in camping. It gave us the chance to explore the world beyond our home but not too far from our backyard. And, while we can’t wait to resume international travel (we’re hoping sooner rather than later), it seems the camping craze might just be here to stay. Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one who decided to trade in five-star hotels for an RV? We rounded up the best gifts for every type of camper—from glampers to trailblazers—to make your holiday shopping a little easier.

10 Essential Restaurant Cookbooks You Need in Your Kitchen

Welcome to the buzziest new restaurant—your own kitchen!

One of the best parts of any trip is trying out new restaurants. But it’s become difficult to even frequent our local favorites, let alone go from city to city sampling the best and most talked-about eateries a destination has to offer. Luckily, some of these restaurants have their own cookbooks, making it easy (well, depending on your own culinary skills, easier) to experience some of their signature dishes from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Why Do We Do These 10 Weird Things Every Thanksgiving?

It’s turkey—and whatever the hell else—time.

‘Tis that time of year, folks. Crunchy leaves. Ornate pumpkins. Decorative yard flags. Just a few observations from your resident, perennially frustrated travel writer, who has also decided it’s time we talked about the following traditions surrounding the holiday where we all gather to give thanks. Thanks!