Uyun Al-Jiwa


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Uyun Al-Jiwa

Uyun Al-Jiwa — literally "the valley’s ponds" — is often referred to as the oasis celebrated by Arab poets for its significance in several poetry collections known as the Suspended Odes (Mu’allaqat). The area is known for the ancient Banu Abs communities that lived here since prehistoric times. Depicting the lifestyle of ancient people, several Thamudic rock paintings can be found in the Al-Jiwa region — particularly in Al Hanadir, 15 km outside the city. Be sure to visit the mud-and-adobe Al Margab Watchtower. Take a walk through the Old Uyun — a collection of houses built of clay and mud. Get souvenirs from the vibrant Old Souq and take a photo of the Antarah Rock. Also known as the Lovers' Rock, this precariously perched boulder is rumoured to be the place where the celebrated poet Antarah bin Shaddad met with his sweetheart Ablah.

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The Al-Qassim region is quite unique in Saudi Arabia for green areas and agricultural prowess. The areas around Buraidah and Unaizah have some fascinating places to visit. Explore farms, orchards, palm tree plantations and the world's largest camel market. But the cities and towns themselves also offer travellers plenty of museums, parks and interesting sights, as well as heaps of entertainment in the form of excellent eating and shopping.